We are a venture capital firm and active service providers working in the design, fashion and lifestyle fields.

In search of unique talents and long-term partnerships

We look for businesses with unique talent, and want to be involved with opportunities where we can really add value in special long-term partnerships.

The importance of conceptualization

We are interested in developing understandable and commercially successful concepts out of intriguing brands for international markets.

Our core competencies and services

If you are a design or fashion company ready for a bigger game – the critical operative areas most likely will include:

-   financing (investment & working capital)

-   production sourcing

-   selection and execution of distribution model

-   global brand PR-presence

These are our core competency areas, where we help, and really can make an impact on your company’s future.

Investing partner

We run a private equity fund – Royal Majestics Fashion & Design Fund I which invests money into fashion, design and lifestyle start-ups usually during seed rounds.


Our home territory for partner companies has been Finland and Sweden. We focus on Scandinavian brands aiming to become credible international brands. We have worked several years with state organizations as partners, and have also participated in a Vigo program launched in 2009 by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economics.